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A beach themed wedding is a reflection of your relationship. Strong and consistent, the beach offers a beautiful backdrop for the start of your life together. Look no further than Advantage Bridal to meet all of your beach themed wedding needs. We have a variety of beach favors and beach wedding accessories as well as beach wedding ideas. Beach weddings are gorgeous and breathtaking. Advantage Bridal has lovely beach and ocean themed details that will send your wedding over the top, including invitations, starfish and seashell accessories, elegant tea light holders that can be placed in the sand, coral place card holders, and so much more!

Summer weddings evoke visions of beachside ceremonies, palm trees, warm evenings and cool lemonade. Color palettes are brighter and bolder in summer, featuring yellows, oranges, ocean blues, vibrant greens and the whole family of reds. Summer flowers include seasonal favorites like the sunflower, as well as year-round staples like roses, snapdragons, gerbera daisies and even orchids.

Nautical elements are popular at summer weddings. Seashells make pretty accents on invitations and menus, and can be tied to sashes to accent your guest chairs at a ceremony or reception. Glass containers filled with sand and candles in your theme colors can accent or even replace floral arrangements as centerpieces.

Don’t limit yourself to a seaside wedding. Take the party out on the water and charter a yacht for your festivities. Or, create a southern flair in a historic plantation with mint juleps and rocking chairs. Are you a wine connoisseur? Whisper your vows in front of a lush vineyard followed by a tasting in lieu of a cocktail hour. Spruce up an old barn, and give children butterfly nets or jars to catch fireflies. The summer possibilities are endless.

Help your guests beat the heat by planning to shield them from the sun. Have pretty parasols and refreshing beverages ready to hand out as they arrive. Provide vibrant folding fans or even consider a dual-purpose program fan for use during the ceremony.

A classic lemonade stand or displays of old-fashioned containers of sweet tea add visual appeal and refreshment. Personalize bottles of water and display them in a large galvanized tub brimming with ice. Explore your options for canopies, tents or shady hideaways for your celebrations. Everyone in your party will appreciate your thoughtful attention to their comfort.

Advantage Bridal carries everything you need to deck out your summer wedding. Choose from palm tree motif casual wear for pre-wedding parties to flip flops for dancing the night away. There are great nautical accents and you can even give your guests personalized sunscreen favors for the perfect summer splash!
Beach weddings can be fun and laid back with the perfect beautiful backdrop of the sand and gorgeous ocean water. There are several things that are helpful to know when planning a beach wedding.

When considering your beach wedding ceremony site, keep in mind that many beaches are not private. If you choose to use a public section, be aware that you may have some uninvited guests and prepared that some might end up in your wedding day photos. Have a coordinator on hand who can politely ask passersby to honor your space just during the wedding ceremony. Many will be willing to accommodate you on such a special day.

Consider the time of day you will be having your wedding ceremony. Having it closer to sunset may ensure that there are fewer people swimming behind your altar area or on playing on “your” beach. If this is a major concern, choose from hotels and other venues that have private beach access. Ensure that there is plenty of parking in easy access for all of your guests. If you have elderly or disabled guests, you may need to rent a beach wheelchair or golf cart to allow them appropriate access to the beach.

Consider tidal changes as well and if possible, check the conditions in person before the wedding day. Be sure that you set up the chairs where the rising tide could not possibly interfere with the wedding. Weather may be out of your control, however a back-up plan is. Select an indoor space or tent that accommodate all of your guests, and be clear with your friends and vendors about the plan. Remember hurricane season runs from June to November and be prepared, during those months for extreme inclement weather.

The sound of the waves crashing is soothing but it can also cause an issue when your guests are trying to hear the wedding ceremony. Strongly consider having an audio system and microphones so that everyone can enjoy your wedding vows.

The beach offers such natural beauty that décor can be minimal. It is a good idea to mark where altars are going to be set up at beach weddings. Aisle runners are notoriously unreliable in sand, but you can create the same affect by lining the outside of the aisle with flowers or votive candles.