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Birdcage Veils - Birdcage Bridal Veils - Cage Veils

Celebrities such as Katherine Heigl are showcasing vintage style with birdcage veils and cage blushers. Ostrich feather bridal headpieces, Swarovski crystal brooches and pearl sprays adorn these beautiful birdcage veils.

Birdcage veils bring a vintage air yet still manage to perfectly complement modern bridal gowns. They are delicate and easy to manage. Reese Witherspoon wore a birdcage bridal veil in "Sweet Home Alabama" and started the momentum, and these veils are going strong. Birdcage veils are understated and sophisticated and can be accessorized with ostrich feathers, brooches, Swarovski crystal hairpins, and many other pretty accents.

Be careful when handling your birdcage veil, as it is fragile even if it doesn't appear to be. The last thing you want is a snag or tear in it, because it cannot be repaired. Bird cage veils look best when your hair is worn up.