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Wedding Cake Toppers with Wedding Couples

While old-fashioned bride and groom cake toppers are sweet and romantic, you may want something that represents the two of you in a much more accurate, realistic way. These Wedding Cake Toppers with Wedding Couples from Advantage Bridal are some of the biggest trends in cake toppers, and they're sure to catch the eye of everyone at your reception. Featuring hand-painted figurines that perfectly embody the bride and groom, you won't find more personalized cake toppers than these.
Browse our entire selection of Wedding Cake Toppers with Wedding Couples to find one that perfectly represents your relationship. We carry styles that feature a variety of races and ethnicities to include all kinds of relationships, as well as interchangeable brides and grooms that create an even more personalized look. If you prefer to highlight the nuances of your relationship, you may also enjoy couples cake toppers featuring guitars, sports, dancing, and unique poses that portray different personalities.