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Wedding Rosary - Wedding Lazos - Wedding Kneeling Pillows

Celebrate your heritage with our Spanish wedding accessories. We offer a large selection of wedding missals, lazos, rosaries, and more. Your Hispanic wedding theme will be carried throughout with our bride and groom cake toppers. We also carry arras or wedding coins.

The wedding lasso or wedding lazo is used to wrap around the couple to bind them as husband and wife. The wedding lasso is twisted in a figure eight, the mathematical symbol for infinity, to symbolize forever and eternity. A wedding lasso is a wonderful wedding gift for the bride and groom and can be passed down through the generations.

Our personalized kneeling cushion is a wonderful keepsake when embroidered with the bride and groom's first names and wedding date.

“El Lazo” or the wedding lasso is a wedding ceremony tradition in the Catholic faith and in many Hispanic cultures. The rope, which may consist of rosary beads or be made of ribbon, satin, silver or white rope, symbolizes the joining together of the newlywed couple. The rope is placed over the shoulders or around the wrists of the couple during the wedding ceremony by the priest or a special couple to symbolize eternal union. When the rope is a double loop of rosary beads, it is blessed three times with holy water in honor of the Holy Trinity.

Hispanic tradition is made up of many individual cultures and as such, wedding Lazos are used in different ways by different couples. Mexican couples choose an honored attendant, or madrina to present el lazo. After the ceremony, the couple’s godparents or Padrinos, or the priest, remove the lazo, and it is kept by the bride as a keepsake of her marriage.

Wedding lazos come in many different styles. Many feature crystal beads with silver accents or crosses. Some are floral with green leaves and colorful flowers. Others are dotted with pretty, delicate pearls. The “Contemporary Wedding Lazo” is made with beautiful Aurora Borealis crystals. Lazos are available as white satin cords as well.

The Wedding Rosary Lasso with clear and white beads and the Wedding Lasso with Silver or Gold Crucifix both come in pretty white souvenir boxes and can be kept for generations commemorating your wedding day.

Advantage Bridal has everything that you need to observe Hispanic and Catholic wedding customs including wedding lazos, las arras or wedding coins with keepsake holders, and even Hispanic cake toppers and bingo cards that incorporate Hispanic traditions. Celebrate your heritage and plan to include one or more of these elements in your special Hispanic wedding.