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Monogrammed Terry and Velour Robes

What do all of the best couples have in common? Matching bathrobes from Advantage Bridal, of course. You and your partner would look adorable in monogrammed robes, and these are especially popular for couples planning on escaping together to their honeymoon vacation.
Made of comfortable cotton velour and terry material, Advantage Bridal bathrobes can be customized, so that you can design your dream robe. You can choose to display text on either the front or the back of the robe, and you can also select your color of choice.

All of Advantage Bridal's quality apparel is made in-house, so you can be sure that we will be putting together your customized products with great care. Whether you are just a bathrobe away from being packed for that honeymoon, or just need something cute and warm to wear while lounging around the house, Advantage Bridal has the robe for you.