Ring Bearer Pillows

The wedding ring pillow or ring bearers pillow is a small pillow on which the wedding rings are carried in a traditional wedding. The ring pillow is frequently carried by a junior member of the bridal party known as the ringbearer who is frequently a younger male relative or friend. Sometimes he is the son of the bride or groom, but occasionally, we hear of dog ring bearers, as in the case of Carrie Underwood's wedding in Summer 2010! We carry small dog ring pillows with an elastic strap to secure to your dog, as you don't want a mishap if the pillow should happen to fall off your dog. During the processional, the ring bearer carries the rings on the pillow down the aisle to the officiant.

Wedding ring pillows or ring cushions are generally small fancy pillows that reflect the wedding colors or they can match the bride's gown. In less traditional Western weddings, fun ring pillows are often used, such as a starfish ring pillow for a beach wedding, or a ring pillow with a crystal snowflake for a winter wedding theme. Some couples prefer a treasure chest for the rings, which can be mounted to the top of a satin ring pillow, or to any other fabric as well. Usually, the ring pillow matches the flower girl basket.

We offer hundreds of ring pillow designs, from traditional ring bearer pillows to contemporary ring pillows to match modern wedding themes. We offer exclusive monogram ring pillows, and gorgeous silk ring bearer pillows. Looking for a lace ring bearer pillow to complement a old-fashioned wedding gown? We offer stunning lace ring pillow styles in a variety of colors. Also, take a look at our selection of ring pillows that you can design in your choice of fabrics, colors and embellishment colors. Choose your ribbon color, for a custom ring pillow to match your wedding colors. We have white ring pillows and ivory ring bearer pillows too, for a subtler look. We also offer a variety of affordable ring pillows for the bride on a budget. If you don't find the perfect wedding ring pillow, let us know and we'll do our best to have it made just for you!