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Spa Gifts: Personalized Spa Wraps and Spa Tote Bags

Find a gift from among this amazing display of personalized and customizable designs that are sure to make any bride or bridesmaid's day more special than the last. Choose to give a lovely satin robe or monogrammed spa wrap as a gift to the bride at her bridal shower or the bridesmaids as a bachelorette party gift.
Personalize the spa gifts and create a keepsake for those in the wedding party to cherish for years to come. Choose from a variety of spa wrap designs, including luxurious ones created in solid colors and others that have printed designs. Colorful flowers, polka dots, peacock feathers and animal prints are available.

Give a monogrammed men's spa wrap to the groomsmen in the bridal party. Customize each one to coincide with their own initials or add the bride and groom's initials and wedding date instead.

Personalize spa towels, tote bags and slippers as a way to thank everyone in the bridal party for spending their time and resources to help create the perfect wedding.